Commercial or Domestic Floor Screeding

Floor Screeding Weber.PNG

Floor screeding is a process which is performed before applying underlay and flooring, to ensure that the final finish is flat and even. Both domestic and commercial customers use our floor screeding service.

Floor screed itself, can also be used as the final finish, particularly in commercial properties that get a lot of footfall.

The floor screeding process provides a level and flat surface. Floor screeding is performed over the concrete base, as it gives you a much smoother finish than concrete flooring can offer. The even surface is achieved by using finer materials and a mix with a thinner consistency, when compared to that of concrete.

Concrete often has a lumpy and un-even finish which results in your flooring not being flat, if applied directly over the concrete base.

Floor screeding is also often used in the process of adding underfloor heating to your property. The screed is applied over your underfloor heating, as it is very energy efficient and allows less heat to escape.

Benefits of floor screeding?

  • Provides a smooth and level surface

  • Makes your home more energy efficient

  • More durable than other flooring finishes, for buildings with a lot of footfall